As we age, collagen production is greatly reduced, causing our faces and hands to lose volume. The skin becomes wrinkled and saggy, and for some individuals, the face they see in the mirror is not the one they want to see!

Typical treatments for collagen loss include fillers, fat grafting, or even facelifts. However, these procedures can be costly, involve major surgery, or, in some instances, are not long lasting (such as with fillers or traditional fat grafting). Fillers, in particular, do not contain the components necessary to stimulate collagen growth or rejuvenation of damaged tissue. Without the ability to promote a new blood supply or new collagen growth, which aid in addressing textural and tone issues, fillers may leave a lot to be desired.

Enter your own stem cells. A live stem cell fat transfer can be used to inject a patient’s micronized fat and autologous platelets directly into the area of concern. Injected into the face, your stem cells will rejuvenate damaged tissue, fill hollowed out areas, and smooth out wrinkles and lines. A live stem cell fat transfer will restore texture, tone, and elasticity. When injected into the lips, stem cells provide plump and beautiful lips, and helps to remove those little lines around the lips.

A fat transfer using your own stem cells is a unique procedure that brings several techniques into one treatment to optimize patient outcomes in an outpatient setting.

With regenerative medicine on the rise, live stem cell fat transfers leverages our body’s natural resources to accelerate the restoration and regeneration of damaged or injured tissues. This all-natural approach is a safe and potentially long-lasting treatment for a variety of indications. Although patient satisfaction is high, there are no claims or guarantees to the outcomes for each patient, as results can vary.

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